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What’s our winking Cherub all about?

We’re often asked what our ‘winking Cherub’ signifies as part of our logo. For those who are interested (or maybe hadn’t thought about it but feel a sudden stab of curiosity now I’ve mentioned it), here’s the story…

When we first started the company, the font of our logo (derived from American Typewriter) was designed to reflect the traditional typeface used by newspapers – newspapers of course being the heartland of storytelling. Not always true stories, some cynics might say, but telling stories are what newspapers trade on and that’s a fact.

But what we really wanted to do, in our quest for clarity, simplicity, credibility, truth, reality and humanity in the narratives we were crafting with our clients, was to have a polite little dig at the elaborate, complex mastheads that have graced the tops of our newspapers for so many years: symbols of tradition and perhaps pomposity  – Trojan horses of influence and power. We were pioneers of storytelling in business, and wanted to make our mark with a symbol of simplicity, truth and knowledge that heralded the dawn of a new era in harnessing the power of story and storytelling to accelerate change and drive organisational performance.

We didn’t want to associate ourselves with the high-folutin, pretentious language so often used by opinion-formers in the media. Jargon and management speak have no place in our work. It’s all about making things simple, easy to understand and human: stories that will appeal to every individual in every organisation; stories they can make sense of and connect to both rationally and emotionally; stories that can be used to share knowledge and inspire others. Our purpose is to move more people at work do great things, which they will only do if they can relate to what they’re being asked to do and feel an emotional drive to do it.

The cherub is a symbol of love, knowledge and truth. Our winking cherub is just a little bit cheeky – our own irreverent little masthead ('masthead', I said, if you're reading this out loud). We’re not pompous, not elaborate, not harking back to a past that has little relevance to business today that is changing and adapting to cope with the uncertain world of the future. We’re also fun to work with, highly creative, and really quite different.

We love our winking Cherub. It has spirit and personality. And every year we award the member of our team who has best demonstrated the real spirit of The Storytellers with an original piece of Cherub-inspired art.

So there you are. When you next see an interesting logo, there’s bound to be a story behind it. At least, there should be an interesting story behind it! And if you can think of a name for our Cherub, perhaps you could let us know…