Client stories

Creating an experience our guests never want to leave

Why was our help required?

Steve Wynn, the owner and founder of one of the most celebrated leisure business empires in Las Vegas, had invested $3 billion to create a 3,000 room luxury hotel with spectacular shopping, dining and gaming facilities. In 2007, the Wynn Las Vegas had around 8% of Nevada’s casino market share with revenues of $1.3 billion (WikiInvest). Yet with the majority of casino operators running combined operations, Wynn Las Vegas needed to ensure the service delivered by every employee was exceptional – building its brand and growing its share of the USA’s most profitable region.

What did we help them achieve?

How did we do it?

Steve Wynn needed to share his vision and inspire 9,000 new employees to create the ultimate guest experience: drive repeat visits, revenues and recommendations.

The Storytellers created a simple and compelling story that emotionally engaged teams in the business journey and helped them discover the part they could play in creating an experience that ‘guests will never want to leave’. By bringing the Wynn Story to life, we equipped 1,500 managers to engage their teams in the business journey and its values, providing focus and priority for service delivery. By building teams’ belief in their ability to exceed guests’ expectations, the business not only witnessed a huge improvement in engagement – with 1,000 motivational stories shared on StoryWeb, a tool to promote employee contributions and share best practice – they saw a tangible increase in service levels.

Steve Wynn has since become a passionate storytelling advocate, describing it at multiple speaking events as the best idea he’s come across in 40 years. The results inspired the CEO of City National Bank to begin his own The Storytellers’ programme, and also led to a follow up programme at Wynn Macau.