Client stories

Getting Smarter, Faster, Further in Telecoms

Why was our help required?

In the 21st Century, few industries have evolved as quickly or as profoundly as telecoms. After 20 years of selling fibre optic products, our client was hit by chronically shrinking margins following the homogenisation of telecoms hardware.

To shift into managed services and generate higher margins, the business required a completely new set of skills.  They needed to make change happen fast: re-training, re-focusing and re-energising the whole company. A new brand waited in the wings — ‘smarter, faster, further’ — but the CEO refused to launch it until the company was equipped to deliver on its promises.

What did we help them achieve?

How did we do it?

We began co-creating our client’s story with its senior leaders, producing a compelling narrative they could authentically own that would explain the new strategy to the business, give it context and lay out an inspiring vision for the future. We equipped managers with a storytelling capability, ensuring they could cascade the story and ensure that their teams could connect their role to the new strategy, discovering for themselves the contribution they could make every day.

By building a storytelling culture into the business, managers witnessed behavioural change among their teams almost immediately: stories of successful change at team level were shared and amplified across the whole business, crossing cultures and silos so that everyone could learn continuously and work together to deliver ‘smarter, faster, further’ for their customers.

New behaviours were demonstrated, celebrated and enshrined in the company’s performance management system, and results were measured via leadership and employee surveys.