Client stories

Transforming mutual value in Financial Services

‘This story has been life-changing’

 Why was our help required?

In response to the growing competition and new technologies transforming the Financial Services sector, one of the UK’s largest savings provider and mortgage lender needed to set a clear direction for the future without losing its unique mutual heritage. Mutual society status provided a distinct differentiator and a clear platform for growth. But delivering superior and value-added customer service was now essential to building a modern and sustainable mutual that could compete effectively with the banks.

The business had invested £2 billion to revolutionise its operations. But employee engagement in the division leading transformation efforts was low. Its people were struggling to bring the strategy to life for the business and link it meaningfully to corporate objectives.

What did we help them achieve?

How did we do it?

The Storytellers’ programme focused on uniting over 5,000 employees behind a common purpose and shifting their behaviours towards a more collaborative and supportive way of working.

The Storytellers began by creating a clear and compelling story that engaged people’s hearts and minds in the future vision for the business. In giving context to change and enabling divisional employees to understand the role they could play in transforming customer service and building the business of tomorrow, they were inspired to think and work together as a single team. We equipped managers with a storytelling capability that helped them to keep the story alive, sustain the momentum behind behavioural change, and begin to build the capabilities needed for the future, while maintaining high levels of performance. Within a year, employee and communications surveys showed a stunning turnaround in attitude and behaviours.