Client stories

Uniting employees in a new world

Why was our help required?

A large manufacturer had taken the bold decision to double its business size and deliver its ambitious growth strategy through the acquisition of an even bigger rival that spanned 110 sites in 21 countries.

Successful and speedy integration of the two businesses was vital. To succeed, employees would need to understand more than the rationale for the deal. They would need to feel an emotional connection to the newly united organisation, see their place within it, and clearly understand the role they could play in making the integration a success.

What did we help them achieve?

How did we do it?

Following in-depth consultation with the Executive team, we used our strategic narrative framework to articulate the integration story, providing vital context and an inspiring shared purpose that could unite and align the newly-formed leadership team.

The Storytellers designed a spectacular event for the top 260 leaders across both organisations, symbolically delivered the day after the deal was signed. As the first event to bring them all together, the first priority was to ensure everyone clearly understood the acquisition as part of the wider journey the business was on. The second was to leave them excited by the ambition of the business and committed to play their part in rapidly delivering it.

The event was a huge success, and saw the story bought to life with stunning creative and well-rehearsed leaders at the helm.