Client stories

Unleashing people power in high-performance manufacturing

Why was our help required?

A leading European manufacturing organisation felt its strong performance was not fulfilling its true potential. With the cost of capital exceeding its return on average capital employed, the CEO and his board were clear that the Group needed to make better returns from its constituent businesses to shore up investor confidence. The challenge was to bring all 12,000 employees on this journey, with everyone owning the part they’d play, united by a common purpose.

What did we help them achieve?

How did we do it?

We worked with the Executive team to create a clear, inspiring strategic narrative that gave coherence and context to the change programme and laid out a strong purpose-led culture that would drive behavioural change. The story was then cascaded through a series of facilitated storytelling workshops, fully supported by printed and digital communication tools to help leaders engage their teams.

By equipping managers with a storytelling capability that allowed them to hold action-focused, narrative-led conversations – in which teams could discover for themselves the contribution they could make to the story on a daily basis and celebrate successes – we helped our client embed a culture of continuous improvement that aligned local goals to Group objectives.

By engaging and involving those at the ‘sharp’ end of the business, a sense of ownership and momentum started to build at the very grass roots of the organisation, which was sustained through the use of StoryWeb. This digital story sharing platform socialises illustrative stories of success and best practice, influencing mindsets and behaviours and shifting ‘the way we do things around here’. The combined focus on sustained motivation, means and momentum drove remarkable results within the space of a just few months.