Our approach

Client journey

Our methodology is unique, and so is the way we work with our clients.

We know that finding the right partner is a difficult undertaking, and the decision – on an individual and organisational level – is a critical one.

We make sure we deliver for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to work efficiently, to work at scale, and to deliver deep-level transformation and tangible value that continues to grow over time.

We’re able to do this because of the true partnership we build with our clients, the strong foundations we lay, the support we offer at every stage of the programme, the care we take to fit into your organisation’s modus operandi, and the knowledge with which we design every stage of the programme to meet your needs. We also know that chemistry matters. We take great care to select the right team for each client – but if the fit isn’t right, we’ll work with you to find one that is.


First, we get to know you. This phase is free of charge, focused, and as non-disruptive as possible. We do our homework. We talk to you. We talk to key stakeholders. We get under the skin of your organisation and your challenge. Where you need clarity, we help you give voice to your concerns and ambitions. We identify what needs to change to achieve your goals, the barriers to success, and the risks of inaction.

In doing this, we make absolutely sure we adapt our methodology to your needs, assemble the best team to deliver it, and put the right measurements in place to help you track results as the programme evolves.

Illustrated proposal

Next, we take these insights and design a dynamic, high-level proposal (usually delivered as a lively multi-media presentation) that lays out how we imagine working with you, brings our process to life, and invites your contribution – ensuring the programme is shaped to your needs as early as possible and lays the foundation for a fully co-owned programme moving forward. Once revised, this proposal will give you a valuable tool to engage wider stakeholders.

Statement of work

If you feel we’re the partner for you, we pull together a formal statement of work: a high-level picture of how your programme will look and the actions required by both parties. This will lay out exactly what we’ll deliver and when, accompanied by our contract and Terms and Conditions. This statement of work acts as a guide that will form the foundation of our detailed programme planning.

Forming your project team

We will form a steering team with you who will be responsible for driving the programme through to completion. The team will bring together key leaders, wider stakeholders, and your Storytellers team members. This group is critical to the success we achieve for our clients – meeting regularly and working closely to ensure the programme plan is on track, and adapted to meet the changing needs of the organisation.


We develop the high level plans into a detailed framework for activities and a clear system of measurement. This ‘masterplanning’ process continues throughout the programme, working in collaboration with the steering committee. It creates a framework for ongoing planning, implementation, dialogue and adaptation of programme activities as your needs or context change, in a joined-up and aligned way.

Measurement and future planning

We will work with you to design the most effective system of measurement for your programme, harnessing existing tools and channels as much as possible. We draw on quantitative and qualitative measures, regularly tracked, to build up a full picture of the impact your programme is having. This data will help us form a solid basis from which to support you as you move into the next chapter of your story.