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Addicted? Get a life!

Ever heard of work-life balance? The New York Times refers to our addiction to Blackberry’s – or ‘Crackberry’s’:

‘One user admitted it was harder to quit than smoking, while another spoke of ‘phantom vibrations’ …. like twinges from a missing limb, even when he wasn’t carrying it.

As with passive smoking, attention is now being given to the innocent non-users, spouses, friends, loved ones whose evenings and weekends have been ruined by the buzz, the ring or the blinking light …….. and, as for business colleagues, they now find it nearly impossible to carry on a conversation or a meeting, without having to endure the distracted downward glances and covert typing that signals “My interest lies elsewhere”.

Both the usefulness and the persistence of the devices are now undeniable. Only the need to check them in the most churlish manner is now under debate.’

Maybe we should join Crackberrys Anonymous.

Nailia Tasseel