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Stories from the C-Suite with Abigail Melville of We Rise

Webinar: ‘Empowering the future generation’ with Abigail Melville – CEO of We Rise

Today, ’Gen Z’ can easily get the wrong idea about big organisations – and vice versa. In an increasingly complicated system of post-16 education, young people in the UK are...


Why change fails: our top ten

It has widely been reported that 70 per cent of change programmes fail. In a world in which technology, business and market demands are changing faster than ever, this is...

Stories from the C-Suite on demand

Overcoming key leadership challenges in 2021

The number of new opportunities and challenges created by the pandemic shows no sign of dwindling. Businesses that can respond to new demands on their markets will always be best...

Stories from the c-suite Rabobank

Webinar: ‘Future of Food’ with Will Jennings – CEO, UK at Rabobank

We’re on the brink of a global food emergency, with consequences like nothing seen before in the last century. Despite more food being produced today than at any other time...

Stories from the Csuite CFA Institute

Webinar: ‘Transformation in Asia’ with Nick Pollard – MD APAC, CFA Institute

The pace of change shows no signs of slowing in Asia. In such a diverse region, with many distinct markets, languages, and cultures, leaders need a special set of skills...


Unlocking business transformation in Asia

Download the essential skill set for leaders 2020 was a year of rapid and continuous change, and that has continued in 2021. Such explosive change for organisations is truly unprecedented,...

Stories from the C-suite AXA Health

Webinar: ‘The Future of Health’ with Tracy Garrad – CEO, AXA Health

One shared outcome of the pandemic has to be the relevance of healthcare to all of us – no matter where we live, our age, or our profession. Globally, health...


Exploring the true meaning of ‘digital’

The power of digital has saved us as a nation, enabling organisations, colleagues, communities, friends and families to stay connected through a period of dramatic disruption. We now have a...

Stories from the C-suite: Noble Foods

Webinar: ‘Food for thought’ with Duncan Everett – CEO, Noble Foods

The past year has thrown a lot up in the air – our plans, work, where we go and who we can see – but one thing has remained a constant...

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