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Hays Travel needs a good story to tell…

With the shock waves from Thomas Cook’s demise still reverberating around the travel industry, news this week that Hays Travel, run by husband and wife team John and Irene Hays,...

Strategic Narrative

Why purpose-led mission and narrative hold the key to transformation

A new report has recognised purpose-led mission as the driving force behind the world’s most successful business transformations. Narrative is the fastest and most sustainable way to harness its value.   ...


Telling the Story of a Fit Financial Future

In early July Deutsche Bank, the biggest bank in the eurozone’s biggest economy, announced it was cutting 18,000 jobs – part of sweeping measures to reduce costs by approximately 6...


You need an internal brand, and here’s why

In the last year we’ve seen major investment by organisations in their external branding efforts. A robust external brand identity provides ample opportunity for businesses from better reflecting our diverse...


From villain to hero – telling the whole story of the ‘Superjob’

“Men are grown mechanical in head and in heart, as well as in hand,” wrote the Scottish essayist Thomas Caryle in 1820 of the First Industrial Revolution. “Their whole efforts,...


Bring Home the Future with Storytelling

The ‘alternative’ is now the norm. This fluid labour pool of 2019 is changing in remarkable ways. In some countries, the pool is shrinking because of declining birth rates, to...


The new story of leadership

Our interest is transformational leadership. Inspired by the work of Professor Gianpiero Petriglieri of INSEAD, we define transformational leaders as individuals who are willing, able and entrusted to articulate, embody...


Leaders! Kill the conference, make a moment

If ever there was a month where business as usual seemed more doomed than ever, April 2019 was it. Extinction Rebellion campaigners turned London’s busiest street into a post-apocalyptic refuge...


Three opportunities to unlock pace in your organisation

The Storytellers work with a diverse range of large organisations from multiple sectors. We help businesses leverage their people as a competitive advantage – to engage their teams in a...

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