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Being part of something bigger than ourselves
Strategic Narrative

What makes a great story: #2 Being part of something bigger than ourselves

Your strategic or change narrative should act as a framework within which people can play out their small acts of heroism. In business, we work in teams, where everyone needs...

Creating a movement of change. Activating transformation workshop

Creating a movement of change – activating transformation

Virtual workshop - 5th December 2023. This session focuses on how to overcome common pain points associated with people, culture and behaviour change. Designed for senior leaders of large, complex...

Transformation painpoint - now is the time for change.

Discretionary distraction: The barrier to reaching your transformation ROI

Some reports say that over $2 trillion is currently being spent on transformation initiatives around the world. Whilst 10 years ago companies were undertaking this kind of initiative every 5-10...

Sarah was sure that the rest of the team were fully onboard

Getting the rest of the team on board

The vision for the transformation is ground breaking, the strategy is sound - isn't it a no-brainer that everyone will jump on board and rally around the changes that need...

Transformation pain point no 42. Priya felt that an element of collaboration was missing. Man fishing facing away from a woman on another island pointing at a shoal of fish
Strategic Narrative

Fostering effective collaboration

We are often called in to support significant transformations at the point when newly formed teams are established. For newly formed teams, harnessing the psychological potency of storytelling serves as...

Transformation pain point number 25. Ralph suspected that getting everyone on the same page would be difficult. Picture of a dog herding cats.

Getting everyone on the same page

One of the most common hurdles that we as transformation leaders often encounter is the daunting task of getting everyone on the same page.  Especially across large diverse teams, widely...

Strategic Narrative

Authentic storytelling: Building trust in a divided world

According to Edelman’s 2023 Trust Barometer, business is the only area which is seen as both competent and ethical – observing a rise in ‘ethical’ for the third year in...

Struggle and endeavour
Strategic Narrative

What makes a great story: #1 Struggle and endeavour

We’re often asked why a good strategic or change narrative can be so compelling, why its cut-through can be so dramatic and fast, and how it can shift mindsets and...

Excited to be part of Accenture

A new chapter

After 20 years pioneering the power of storytelling to activate people, accelerate change and unlock extraordinary performance, we are delighted to be embarking on an exciting new chapter, announcing today...

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