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Creating your EVP
Employee Engagement

How storytelling will re-energise your EVP

Download this free eBook to explore how storytelling can be harnessed to re-energise your EVP and ensure that the promise you make to your people is grounded in reality.


Webinar: ‘Creating an environmental legacy’ with Douglas Millican – CEO of Scottish Water

When an entire nation depends on your services every day, as a leader, how do you ensure that your organisation remains resilient to any new challenge that may impact on...


Webinar: Making your EVP a reality, not just a promise

Exploring how leaders can harness the power of storytelling to create and elevate a standout EVP that helps their organisation to improve employee experience and attract new talent.


Why empathetic leaders get results

Empathetic leadership has become crucial for businesses. Increased use of the term in management speak demonstrates a shift away from traditional management styles that have tended to be laser-focused on...

Digital Transformation – Future proofing your organisation
Visions of the Future

Why the human side of digital transformation is more important than ever

The greatest challenge of digital business transformation is keeping it human. Your people and customers are integral to that process, and the story you tell about the benefits of this...

Employee Engagement

Tackling employee disengagement with a compelling narrative

Workplace satisfaction, or lack of it, has always been a common topic of conversation within organisations around the world – so how does the story you tell as an organisation...

Leaders need to provide meaningful autonomy

How storytelling can inspire your people to take initiative and ownership over their roles

The workforce challenge in 2022 is significant, organisations are dealing with the aftermath of the ‘Great Resignation’, sustained remote working, and a competitive recruitment market. Leaders need to provide meaningful...

Future-proofing your organisation

Future-proofing your organisation in 2022

Every day, we see firsthand the complex challenges that impact how people perform, and the opportunities leaders must seize to ensure their organisation remains relevant and resilient for years to...

Road ahead
Visions of the Future

Accelerating ESG strategy – what future story will your organisation create?

There’s no escaping it – environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy is now a critical part of the boardroom agenda. Among the business leaders working with The Storytellers, we’ve noticed a...

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