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Stories from the C-suite: Pheonix Group

Webinar: ‘Facing The Crisis’ with Andy Briggs – CEO, Phoenix Group

Catch-up on the recording from our ‘Stories from the C-Suite’ episode with Andy Briggs, CEO of Phoenix Group. Andy came to Phoenix Group, the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement...

Culture Change Ebook

Culture change: how to transform your culture during a crisis

2020 was a year of rapid and continuous change. Such explosive change for organisations is truly unprecedented, and having an existing robust company culture has been necessary for businesses not...


It’s time to change the narrative

Oh, 2020: the year in which ‘unprecedented times’ became our national catchphrase. As we pick up the pieces from the past year and look to the uncertain terrain of 2021,...


Making the next big difference: considering customer needs

As any company tries to reinvent itself in a competitive market, it is often necessary to offer large-scale strategic changes. However, in such moments, there is the chance that change...

Stories from the C-suite: C. Hoare & Co.

Webinar: ‘Talking Banking’ with Steven Cooper, CEO of C. Hoare & Co.

Watch the next episode in our ‘Stories from the C-suite’ webinar series, where we talked to Steven Cooper, CEO of the private bank C. Hoare & Co. His trajectory from a...

Crowd of people walking across bridge

Consumers are demanding action, so why are organisations only talking?

No longer are consumers and employees waiting for businesses to embrace ethical priorities. Instead they are now holding them accountable for their inaction. Recently, it was reported that 53 per...

Plane going across sky and clouds

Trouble at 30,000 feet: considering customer needs

Innovation is imperative for any company seeking to retain their leadership position in competitive markets, but drives to innovate can all-too-frequently forget the end-user. For one globally renowned commercial aerospace...


‘Putting people first in a crisis’: a webinar with Alex Perry, CEO of Bupa Insurance UK

Recently, we hosted a fascinating webinar with Alex Perry, CEO of Bupa Insurance UK. This highly relevant conversation covered everything from healthcare insurance in these challenging times, to Bupa’s journey...


‘Winning hearts and minds’: talking to Pano Christou, CEO of Pret A Manger

In the most recent episode in our ‘Stories from the C-suite’ webinar series, we talked to Pano Christou, CEO of Pret A Manger. Pret has been through a lot in...

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