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The current crisis is complex and daunting beyond all measure. Yet a clear, laser-focused and emotionally compelling narrative articulating a simple plan of how you plan to get out of it ahead of the game, pivoting around your purpose, and with a clear picture of your destination, can inspire confidence, clarity, engagement, understanding and alignment across all your stakeholder groups. Our track record of working with 180 major organisations worldwide to deliver narrative-driven change, engagement and leadership capability is unrivalled, with tangible evidence of increased shareholder value, and improved productivity engagement and NPS scores.


We will partner with you to shape your narrative. You need it quickly. Our expert story writers are highly skilled at simplifying complex, abstract concepts into a simple, credible, emotionally compelling story through some focused conversations with key members of your senior team. Our proven narrative framework enables us to craft the narrative in a matter of days, ready for you to take it out to your audience without delay.


Speaking as one, united senior team is critical. We will facilitate senior team alignment behind the narrative so everybody is on the same page and there is a consistent drumbeat to the top line message. The whole team needs to own it, believe in it, and speak to it with clarity, authenticity and passion.


We will coach you on how to confidently present your story in way that lands and sticks (we’re talking about the ‘aha’ moment here). We are highly experienced in helping leaders bring the story to life through a range of techniques that pack a punch. And we can help with slick presentation techniques, whether a dynamic, digital presentation, a short film or a simple slide deck.

Strategy engagement

A fast-paced world demands agile strategy and continuous engagement. But to really connect to a new strategic direction, people need a reason to care and a reason to act. Discover how we can help you dramatically accelerate execution with a meaningful story of change that inspires, aligns and empowers your people.

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Culture change

In today’s world, culture is the biggest determiner of innovation, agility and sustainable performance. Discover how we can help you speed the shift to a purposeful, high-performance culture with authentic and aligned leaders at the helm.

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Post-merger integration

Mergers offer security in the face of increasing competition and changing consumer demand, but tribal divisions, confusion and disruption make them high-risk. Discover how we can help you rapidly realise value by uniting teams behind a shared destination and a common purpose.

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Business transformation

The changes shaking up industries today are seismic, not incremental. But people need to be willing to take the leap. Discover how we can help you engage your people in the transformation journey while developing leaders who inspire trust and motivation.

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Operational improvement

In a more-for-less world, operational improvement is about mindsets and behaviours as much as hard systems change. Discover how we can help you realise a resilient organisation, continuously implementing new ways to drive growth and improve efficiency.

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Customer experience

Markets are saturated. Products are generic. But customers demand something unique. Discover how we can empower your people to be your differentiator by delivering extraordinary experiences: helping you attract new customers, boost customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty, day after day.

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