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Successful change is built on a sense of purpose, emotional connection, empowerment, inclusivity and involvement – both top-down and bottom-up. Yet it can often be complex and messy, creating resistance, fatigue and uncertainty.

Now, more than ever, leaders need an authentic, persuasive and credible narrative to bring people with them on their journey –  a golden thread that not only ‘joins the dots’ but creates true ownership and a meaningful call to action at a local level. 

Create motivation

We will work with your leaders to craft an emotionally-compelling narrative, inspiring, aligning and equipping them to bring it to life and personalise it for their teams in a relevant and meaningful way. Through impactful campaigns, immersive digital and live events and experiences, we’ll help them connect and influence their teams so people can understand what the story means for them and the part they can play – united behind a common purpose, from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Provide the means

We’ll equip leaders to empower their teams to make a difference through action-oriented dialogue and involvement. We’ll show them how to be influential leaders, building their skills to become powerful, confident storytellers supported by a fully-trained champions’ network from within the business – to help identify and embed the changes they and their teams need to make.

Build momentum

We’ll help you keep the story alive by sharing small stories of success and recognition that validate the narrative and amplify the behaviours you want to see in the business. By linking all your initiatives, plans, successes and progress back to the narrative at every opportunity, we’ll help you create a culture of belief and trust that change is happening, until you are ready to refresh the narrative once again.

Leader presenting on a virtual stage during a StoryLive event from The Storytellers

Strategy activation

A fast-paced world demands agile strategy and continuous engagement. But to really connect to a new strategic direction, people need a reason to care and a reason to act. Discover how we can help you dramatically accelerate execution with a meaningful story of change that inspires, aligns and empowers your people.

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Business transformation

The changes shaking up industries today are seismic, not incremental. But people need to be willing to take the leap. Discover how we can help you engage your people in the transformation journey while developing leaders who inspire trust and motivation.

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Employee value proposition

As the dimensions of work continue to change rapidly, the needs and expectations of employees have shifted and the role of the Employee Value Proposition has evolved. We help organisations to attract, engage and motivate employees with a standout EVP that people believe in.

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Leadership development

Leadership development

Leaders today are in a relentless, fast-paced state of change, continuously asked to evolve and develop the way their teams work and find innovative ways of unlocking growth or improving performance. Our Expert Storyteller Leadership Programme is designed to equip your leaders to inspire, align and activate their teams – enabling them to accelerate change, transform performance and drive strategic outcomes.

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Sales Transformation

Facing a major paradigm shift, sales leaders need to engage customers differently and leverage new sales technologies, often in circumstances where products are constantly being disrupted. We partner with c-suite sales and revenue executives to transform their sales organisation to constantly innovate and have outcomes-based customer conversations.

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Post-merger integration

Mergers offer security in the face of increasing competition and changing consumer demand, but tribal divisions, confusion and disruption make them high-risk. Discover how we can help you rapidly realise value by uniting teams behind a shared destination and a common purpose.

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Culture change

In today’s world, culture is the biggest determiner of innovation, agility and sustainable performance. Discover how we can help you speed the shift to a purposeful, high-performance culture with authentic and aligned leaders at the helm.

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Operational improvement

In a more-for-less world, operational improvement is about mindsets and behaviours as much as hard systems change. Discover how we can help you realise a resilient organisation, continuously implementing new ways to drive growth and improve efficiency.

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Customer experience

Markets are saturated. Products are generic. But customers demand something unique. Discover how we can empower your people to be your differentiator by delivering extraordinary experiences: helping you attract new customers, boost customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty, day after day.

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