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We believe that story has never been more powerful or more necessary. In today’s complex world, to lead is to play the role of storyteller: to create the conditions by which people are willing and able to embark on a journey of change. This is no easy task, and there are no easy endings. But we know there are three simple conditions that every journey of change needs to meet: Motivation. Means. Momentum. Because people without the motivation won’t change. People without the means can’t change. And without momentum, people don’t sustain change.


By helping us find personal meaning while building a sense of collective purpose, stories engage us in a journey we want to be part of. By connecting our rational and emotional minds, stories spur us into action. And by weaving personal storytelling into our daily experience, stories help us build empathy and trust with our peers, keeping our commitment strong.


Stories are influential learning tools. They help us navigate change, process complexity and retain vital information. In a collective Story, we find a powerful base for shared understanding. By using personal storytelling to share success and illustrate best practice, we help our peers learn lessons independently, give them the confidence to adapt learnings to their own context.


Stories define the norms that shape our identity as individuals and groups. They’re the true measure of ‘the way we do things around here’, and without collective endorsement or belief, new behaviours quickly fade. By using key influencers to socialise stories of successful change, we can quickly shift existing norms and embed new ones, maintaining momentum and keeping the Story alive.

Strategy engagement

A fast-paced world demands agile strategy and continuous engagement. But to really connect to a new strategic direction, people need a reason to care and a reason to act. Discover how we can help you dramatically accelerate execution with a meaningful story of change that inspires, aligns and empowers your people.

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Culture change

In today’s world, culture is the biggest determiner of innovation, agility and sustainable performance. Discover how we can help you speed the shift to a purposeful, high-performance culture with authentic and aligned leaders at the helm.

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Post-merger integration

Mergers offer security in the face of increasing competition and changing consumer demand, but tribal divisions, confusion and disruption make them high-risk. Discover how we can help you rapidly realise value by uniting teams behind a shared destination and a common purpose.

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Business transformation

The changes shaking up industries today are seismic, not incremental. But people need to be willing to take the leap. Discover how we can help you engage your people in the transformation journey while developing leaders who inspire trust and motivation.

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Operational improvement

In a more-for-less world, operational improvement is about mindsets and behaviours as much as hard systems change. Discover how we can help you realise a resilient organisation, continuously implementing new ways to drive growth and improve efficiency.

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Customer experience

Markets are saturated. Products are generic. But customers demand something unique. Discover how we can empower your people to be your differentiator by delivering extraordinary experiences: helping you attract new customers, boost customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty, day after day.

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