Employee value proposition

We help organisations to attract, engage and motivate employees with a standout Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that people believe in.

In a world where the dimensions of work continue to change rapidly, the needs and expectations of employees have shifted and the role of an EVP has evolved. Investing in your EVP goes beyond marketing your employee brand. A strong employee proposition can also help to reduce employee turnover, provide a great employee experience, build an inclusive workplace and improve your bottom line.

Your EVP must be distinct, authentic and grounded in reality. Our experience tells us that when people connect on an emotional level with the purpose and future direction of your business, it builds more productive, meaningful and loyal employee relationships. We help large, global organisations to achieve this through the power of storytelling.

By applying narrative techniques and creative thinking, our pioneering approach blends strategic consultancy with experiential and creative expertise to re-align and re-energise your EVP – ensuring it is understood and owned at all levels of your organisation.

We can harness the everyday stories from people within your organisation to help your leadership create a more human-centred proposition that reflects how employees feel and build emotional connections to your business.

Every organisation has slightly different and often complex challenges to overcome when seeking to strengthen their employer brand – that’s why we work in partnership, with you, to shape a story-driven solution around your specific needs. Whether it’s time to tailor, target, elevate or fully overhaul your EVP – we’re ready to help.

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