Post-merger integration

We help organisations come through mergers and acquisitions successfully by helping people embrace a new story of integration.

Mergers offer security in the face of increasing competition and changing consumer demand, but tribal divisions, confusion and disruption make them high-risk and notoriously difficult to realise value from. Over two-thirds of mergers fail because the emotional realities of integration are neglected (McKinsey, 2016). People fear the loss of identity, the loss of their jobs, the disruption to their team and their customers. But success is possible when leaders champion change, engage their people in meaningful dialogue, and create cross-cultural teams to sustain momentum.

“Over two-thirds of mergers fail because the emotional realities of integration are neglected (McKinsey 2016).”

Our proven approach engages people’s heads and hearts in the collective journey, helping them build a shared sense of purpose and values. We help leaders become inspirational storytellers and role-model, equipped to motivate their people and build belief in a shared destination. We help teams discover the difference they can make in their new reality and equip them with the means they need to deliver it. We harness a network of ambassadors to champion the integration story across the organisation. And we embed a storytelling culture that opens up strong channels of two-way learning and communication, giving people a voice in change and maintaining the momentum needed to realise long-term value.

Our clients have benefited from:

  • Dramatically accelerated execution of strategic priorities, realising value faster
  • Inspired and empowered employees: emotionally engaged in the journey, committed to their role and fit to deliver it
  • Aligned and united teams, focused on a shared destination and united by a common purpose, values and behaviours
  • Authentic and united leaders who inspire belief, trust and understanding
  • An agile storytelling culture of continuous learning, positive reinforcement and change readiness, where teams learn intuitively and adapt easily

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