Operational improvement

We help organisations improve productivity, safety and operational standards through a culture of continuous incremental improvement

In a world that demands more for less, continuous operational improvement is a critical driver of growth ad competitive advantage. But between 70-90% of improvement initiatives fail to deliver value because they focus on systems and neglect the people using them (McLean et. al, 2015). High-performing organisations know that continuous operational improvement is about the mindsets that harness the collective intelligence of a workforce, and the behaviours of engaged teams empowered to make improvements and solve complex problems.

Our proven approach uses story on three levels to inspire teams to drive incremental improvements every day. We help leaders motivate their people with a meaningful story of change that inspires them to take ownership of operational innovation in their daily work. We equip teams with the means to identify and implement improvements in their daily work. And we build momentum by embedding systems of continuous learning and improvement that allow people to share stories of best practice and innovation – permanently changing ‘the way we do things around here’, supported by a network of operational champions who keep the story alive across the organisation.

Our clients have benefited from:

  • A resilient organisation, continuously implementing new ways to drive growth and efficiently meet demand
  • A culture of empowerment, where people feel valued and able to turn insight into action
  • A learning culture where teams use storytelling to learn intuitively and adapt easily
  • Authentic leaders with the capability to inspire and empower their teams
  • Aligned teams, focused on a shared destination


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