Case Study


Unleashing people power in high-performance manufacturing


A leading European manufacturing Group felt its strong performance was not fulfilling its true potential. The CEO was clear that higher returns through improved efficiency were needed to shore up investor confidence. All 12,000 employees needed to unite behind a common purpose and play their part on this journey.


With the Executive we co-created a clear, inspiring Story that gave context to the change and laid out a strong purpose-led culture that would empower its people to drive efficiencies. The story was cascaded through facilitated storytelling workshops, and leaders and managers were equipped to hold action-focused, Story-driven conversations where teams could identify the daily changes they could make and embed a culture of continuous improvement. Momentum was sustained by digital story sharing platforms which celebrated stories of success and best practice, shifting behaviours and driving remarkable results in just few months.


  • 75% reduction in DPPM (defect parts per million)
  • Improved ‘on time deliveries’ from 89% to 96%
  • Savings on individual sites ranging from £6,700 to £100,000
  • Multiple ongoing engagement projects driving employee commitment