Insight article

America’s safest employers rate high employee engagement

I read recently that the 12 Safest Companies in America all have one thing in common – a passion for safety. Question: How do you instil that passion? Answer: Employee engagement. Of course, it stands to reason that employees must be engaged when it comes to safety, but a clear message is being sent out here.

Apparently America’s Safest Companies have a high level of employee involvement and empowerment in safety, as well as upper management commitment which ‘goes beyond just lip service’. So if a high level of employee engagement in the ’safety message’ results in excellence in safety – and a safety performance which exceeds the average – then it seems logical that employees who are engaged in other corporate messages could result in improved performance across the company as a whole. Not something that we didn’t know already, but the words proof, pudding and eating come to mind!

Nailia Tasseel