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Business case: A Colt following

How does a technology company go through a number of changes including some redundancies and five CEOs in seven years, then five years later achieve revenue growth for the first time in almost ten years? And how did Colt succeed in driving employees’ confidence in their leaders and create a culture of two-communication where it can now ‘take more risks with its talent’ and be ‘fleeter of foot’?

In this month’s issue of People Management magazine, Claire Warren, Deputy Editor, talks to Andrew Powell, COO at Colt on how the business successfully shifted its focus from selling fibre optics to services yet keep its people onboard with change. Read ‘Business case: A Colt following’ for tips and learnings about effective business transformation, which Colt say they achieved with the help of a clear, simple and compelling company story and an internal ambassador group drawn from across its European offices.

Nailia Tasseel