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Can market research accommodate stories?

Market research is critical to businesses who need to clearly define their target audience and constantly optimise their product offering. It can be both qualitative and quantitive, yet by its very nature it tends to be presented in a dry, statistical format. Research is one of those things that brand managers, advertisers and business leaders can't live without, but surely must dread some of the presentations where endless statistics are spouted. It's nobody's fault; it's just that human beings aren't wired to receive and absorb information in this way.

This article, published recently in World Research, talks about how storytelling can enhance 'boring' presentations and bring dry, abstract data to life. Researchers take note: by weaving stories into presentations you can pack an emotional punch that will a) make your presentation more compelling, b) make the data more meaningful c) help people absorb the information better and c) build your own brand. It's a no-brainer.

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Nailia Tasseel