Insight article

Can politicians teach business about leadership?

The Storytellers were featured in an article in Forbes magazine this week.

Whilst many will be relieved that the media spotlight on the General Election is now focused on other news stories, and the debate over party politics has subsided, there are some aspects of the party leaders’ Election campaigns which are worth remembering and learning from. In short, how they came across as leaders.

Whatever your views on their manifestos and political stances, there is no doubt that ‘statesmanship’ belongs more to some party leaders than others. It’s questionable whether any of them inspire trust (!), and of course business leaders are not quite as exposed to the bashing they get from their opponents, including the media, which no doubt influences our perception of them. Yet their ability as convincing orators, and the way in which they deliver their messages, is certainly something we can learn from.

Have a read. We’d be interested to hear what you think.

Nailia Tasseel