Case Study


Getting smarter, faster, further in Telecoms


Few industries have evolved as profoundly as telecoms in the 21st Century. After 20 years of selling fibre optic products, our client faced the homogenisation of telecoms hardware. To access the higher margins of managed services, the business need to rapidly re-train, re-focus and re-energise. A new brand waited in the wings — ‘smarter, faster, further’ — but the CEO refused to launch until the company was equipped to deliver on its promises.


We co-created a compelling Story with the senior leaders, ensuring they could take ownership of the new strategy and lay out an inspiring vision for the future. We helped managers develop a storytelling capability, giving them the skills to could connect their teams to the Story and help them discover the role they could play in bringing it to life. The storytelling culture created immediate behaviour change as stories of successful were shared across the business, building collaborative teams who could really deliver ‘smarter, faster, further’ for their customers.


  • Confidence in leadership rose from 59% to 88%
  • Understanding of strategy and change rose from 56% to 76%
  • Commitment to the journey and future of the business rose from 80% to 92%
  • 100% of leaders had more confidence in the future of the organisation
  • 100% of leaders were committed to sharing the story with their teams
  • 11% increase on the Behavioural Change Index
  • 12% increase on the overall Employee Engagement Index