Client stories

Redefining service excellence in global Hospitality

Why was our help required?

In 2010, a leading international hotelier embarked on a mission to regain its reputation for service excellence after an independent consumer survey revealed that it had ‘lost its way’. After years of standard-setting service throughout the 70’s and 80’s, the brand had become tired and out-dated, and its international quality was inconsistent. Customer ratings and repeat bookings were in decline, growth was lacklustre, and it was rapidly losing pricing power.

With the growth of loyalty programmes and the increasing power of peer-to-peer recommendation, the pressure to deliver a consistent, personal, value-added service was more important to our client than ever. If they could convince every active loyalty member to spend just one extra night a year in one of the hotel chain’s properties, they would generate an additional $1.2 billion in revenues. Against a general backdrop of growing customer cynicism and increasing expectation, how could the business regain its competitive advantage?

What did we help them achieve?

How did we do it?

To achieve its aspiration, the business required its global workforce to deliver the finest hospitality in 540 properties. Yet making the chain ‘the first choice’ of today’s travellers required the senior leadership team to change employee mindsets and embed an inspiring brand culture – lived and breathed by 144,000 employees – that fulfils the brand promise at every customer touchpoint.

We implemented our programme in nine pilot hotels across Europe, America and Australasia, built around a strategic narrative that inspired people with a bold new vision of redefined customer service, emotionally engaged them in the brand experience, and helped people build empathy with their customers. Within only six months of launching the pilot programme, hotels were reporting significant improvements.