Insight article

Creativity is about being human

Here’s a nice little snippet I read somewhere. I believe that as human beings we respond very well to creativity, yet so much of our communication and day to day activity is sadly lacking in it as we send more e-mails, use more powerpoint and create less face-to-face interaction. Digital technology can be a great tool (no! I’ve just come off a conference call to the US – digital technology is an utterly fantastic tool without which our lives would be completely different) but it needs to be used in tandem with a more creative thought process to be really effective. It is so easy to de-humanise, as we ‘press send’ again and again, day in, day out. We do need to inject more humanity in our interaction. And if humanity can be brought about through creativity….

Creativity is essentially a form of human expression that communicates emotionally and intellectually the individual’s thoughts and feelings concerning themes about self, dreams and visions, issues and relationships. All people are therefore creative. Creativity is about humanity.

Nailia Tasseel