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Friday Stories: The pride of connectivity

We recently spent some time in Eastern Europe working with a telecommunications provider. We wanted to draw out some ‘pride stories’ from the senior managers we were working with to help bring the organisational narrative to life.

One woman, who had spent many years earlier in her career working as a TV news reporter, told us that she continues to feel a draw towards any breaking news event.

Shortly after beginning her present role, she saw a report on TV of a terrible accident involving a group of students whose coach had crashed off the road in a remote Albanian valley. Feeling a tinge of regret that she was not at the scene, for a moment she questioned her move into corporate life.

The next day, one of her old colleagues called her up. “You must be proud to work for your company”, she was told. It transpired that hers was the only network covering the valley where the coach had crashed, and without it, the students would not have been able to call for help.

What's more, the TV reports she'd been watching were completely relying on her network to get their report live on air. It was a tragic event, but the executives in the room could feel some sense of pride that their network almost certainly saved lives.


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Nailia Tasseel