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Future-proofing your organisation

Future-proofing your organisation in 2022

How leaders will grow resilience and relevancy through storytelling

Every day, we see firsthand the complex challenges that impact how people perform, and the opportunities leaders must seize to ensure their organisation remains relevant and resilient for years to come. 

It has long been referred to as a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world which businesses navigate. Yet, as the ongoing global pandemic has underlined, change is now constant and organisations can no longer plan ahead based on one set of circumstances at a time. Taking the perspective of how this impacts individuals, American anthropologist, author, and futurist Jamais Cascio has conceived that our world and future is now closer to BANI (brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible).

Compared with VUCA, BANI implies that volatility has become unreliable, therefore organisational structures or processes can appear ‘brittle’ in the face of continuous challenge; People are no longer uncertain about the future – they have become ‘anxious’; Situations are not only complex, they unfold in ‘non-linear’ ways; And what used to appear ambiguous – such as the vast challenge of tackling climate change – to many has become ‘incomprehensible’.

In our experience, to ensure your business can adapt to any number of potential new scenarios, your people must be able to quickly make sense of the situation they face and feel empowered to take the right course of action to resolve it. 

In today’s non-linear world, rigid long-term plans can prove a burden or soon become irrelevant. Therefore, a strong compelling narrative will ensure everyone in your organisation understands their role and the purpose of what they do – even if the business goal or strategy has to quickly shift. This narrative can help you to establish the right culture to combat the aforementioned brittleness, as well as encouraging innovation and creativity so that your organisation can remain agile and maintain competitive advantage. It can also be used to help leaders build connection and belonging to help people to overcome their anxieties.

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Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer

Chief Executive