Insight article

Happiness at work

Interesting news in the media this morning about what makes people happy. Less TV, less focus on money, more socialising with friends and participating in community activities where people feel involved and that they are contributing. A particular canton in Switzerland is the happiest, apparently, where a lot of this goes on!

We talk a lot about how employees who feel valued and listened to – that they are personally contributing to the journey their business is on – are those who put the most in. They are the ones who will be more productive and happier at work. It’s not the money that makes them tick, and neither is doing their job in a vacuum.

I’m not sure I concur with the notion that governments are trying to make people richer. Well, not according to my accountant. But anyway, we pretty much go along with what the media is saying about life in general, because we have seen how the same principles applied to the workplace actually work.

Nailia Tasseel