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How leaders can build momentum to accelerate digital transformation

Any digital transformation programme requires organisational change. The global pandemic has brought forward digital transformation by seven years*, and today more customer interactions, products or services are fully digitised than ever before.

Digital transformation remains a crucial enabler – a means to achieve wider organisational, customer service, growth and retention goals more quickly.

At the height of the COVID-19 response, the world of work embraced everything at our digital disposal to get through the crisis together and respond to rapidly changing business and customer needs.

It’s easy to assume that everyone is comfortable with these changes – after all, we have seen how well they can function, and embedded new ways of working in our lives. However, digital transformation also brings change that runs deep within organisations – impacting everything from operating models and structures to company culture and recruitment. In turn, this can also leave people feeling like they have lost autonomy or that their skills and expertise are no longer valued. 

When people fail to connect the reasons for your digital journey with the ‘bigger picture’ of your organisational goals – or struggle to understand their role within the future organisation – this heightens the risk of resistance and disengagement with the process.

With the right approach, the story you tell as an organisation – driven by a shared vision of a digitally empowered future – can galvanise your people and their talents, turning uncertainty into an opportunity to ensure your digital journey is sustainable for the long term.

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*McKinsey & Company 2020

Hannah Moyo

Head of Consulting UK