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Shifting the narrative to implement ESG

The role and responsibility of organisations within society is under scrutiny like never before. Being purpose-led is now a competitive advantage and the ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors are rapidly evolving the boardroom agenda.

Consumer trends have shifted rapidly towards purpose-driven brands, regulators are raising the bar, employees are more conscious of their company’s impact on the world and investors are increasingly scrutinising ESG risks and opportunities like never before.

Leaders worldwide are recognising the critical need to put ESG at the centre of their business strategy. Many have already used storytelling to help communicate their progress. Yet, at a time when organisations are regularly called out – and often very publicly – for ‘greenwashing,’ a story that simply promotes or over-exaggerates your ESG performance will not cut it.

Leaders need to be able to turn rhetoric into meaningful action – then prove it. This is possible with a unified strategic narrative that runs throughout the organisation to take everyone on this critical future-proofing journey for your business.

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Robert Tennant

Associate Director Client Strategy