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This is bad enough

We love this poem by Elspeth Murray, which echoes our frustration at the complexity, jargon, irrelevance and clutter that litters communication within organisations today. Elspeth wrote the poem for the...


EDS storytelling wins silver quill

Another one for the cabinet…..we are delighted to receive yet another accolade for our work with EDS, which has just won a Silver Quill at the IABC’s Southern Region Conference...


IBM’s big idea

IBM recently asked their staff, and those of their major clients, to pitch ideas via a secure website about what the company should be doing. Within three days they had...


How do you solve the problem of… middle manager comms?

Visions of an Alpine mountaintop with happy and care-free managers flinging their arms into the air as they twirl around with members of their teams are dispelled as reality hits…....


Storytelling as a unifier

Storytelling doesn’t just help people understand and remember information – it acts as a powerful unifier. In business we are often faced with the challenge of communicating and engaging people...


Employee engagement alert!

I went to see a company the other day where the head of employee engagement completely baffled me. It became clear after five minutes of talking to him that he...


Remarks on color

Tucked into the Tate Modern’s fifth floor collections is a video installation by Gary Hill (1951) called Remarks on Color (1994). The piece depicts Hill’s young daughter Anastasia reading from...


JetBlue telling tales

Great to see that JetBlue’s new advertising campaign is one of storytelling….


It’s all about attitude

Much of our work focuses on the need to improve customer service as a key driver for increased revenue and greater profitability. In a recent customer service poll of six...

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