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Life at work – is this a contradiction in terms?

Communications consultancy CHA has recently published a report which highlights some fairly worrying news about the disengagement of employees and why they don’t seem to find their work worthwhile or meaningful.

It may surprise business leaders, who are at the sharp end of performance, profitability and productivity, that however much THEY are stimulated and motivated by what they do at work, it’s not always the same story across their organisation. To the point that however much money is at stake, it’s not always the ker-ching factor (personal or that of the business) that makes people tick. In a world where burn-out is a serious business for therapists, life coaches, health advisors and recruitment agencies, there’s no greater argument for engaging employees and explaining the why as well as the what and how. The Financial Times gets closer to this. Have a read.

Nailia Tasseel