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Love this creative use of a story

I saw this on the back of The Week magazine… how clever to use a story as advertising this way:-

The Peculiar Incident of the Fishmonger Performing on Hilary’s Kitchen Table

When Hilary Stuart decided to invite some close friends round for supper, she wanted to cook them something special. A few days later she saw just the thing in a magazine — Gratin of Plaice Fillets.

Although the recipe seemed straightforward, it stressed that the plaice fillets must have their skins removed. Thinking this might be rather tricky, she called the supermarket where she always bought her fish. No problem, they said. They’d be happy to skin them — all she had to do was pick them up.

In the afternoon before the supper, Hilary’s husband — who will now be known as ‘The Stupid Fool’ — was dispatched to the supermarket to pick up a few last-minute items and, of course, the eight skinned plaice fillets.

The ‘Stupid Fool’ returned with — you’ve guessed it — eight plaice fillets that hadn’t been skinned. While he burbled excuses, Hilary took decisive action and rang the supermarket.

Rather than you come to us again, they said, we’ll come to you. And they did. 30 minutes later their fishmonger arrived.

Opening his set of knives, he proceeded to expertly skin the fillets there and then on Hilary’s kitchen table.

So Hilary was able to cook the supper she’d intended and her friends were very complimentary.

Even ‘The Stupid Fool’ had an enjoyable evening, despite receiving the occasional withering look from Hilary.

(The above incident was recounted by a customer of our Wallingford branch.)

Nailia Tasseel