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No need to get annoyed – it’s just slang, innit?!

Apparently London is becoming a breeding ground for innovative new words and phrases.  In fact, it’s becoming a new world leader in the production of slang. That’s according to linguists, says the BBC.

Ride on public transport or get stuck behind slow walking teenagers on their way to school and you’ll hear them using words like ‘innit’, ‘bruv’, ’sik’ and ‘you get me?’  Whether you ‘get me’ and approve of these new breakthroughs is a matter of personal opinion but, like them or loathe them, slang is here to stay – well, at least until the next set of terms comes along.

This article got me thinking – has slang always been with us? What purpose does it serve? Maybe it came about simply to alienate the generations older than those using it? Is it a language, a dialect, or something in between?

One thing’s for certain – slang is all around us and it’s popular with the generation who are going to be running our businesses of the future.

So you better get down wiv the kids if you’re gonna stand a chance of being an effective communicator for your business in the future…Knowhatamean?

Nailia Tasseel