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Our new website

Welcome to our new website!  Please have a browse, watch the film with the volume turned right up, post a comment to let us know what you think of it or just quietly ponder!

I hope that what will shine through is the simplicity, clarity, storytelling style of content and forward-thinking design which is so important to us at The Storytellers.  We’re particularly pleased with our film which we hope reflects the creativity and superb quality that comes out of our creative team, Storyfactory (you can read more about Storyfactory under ‘What We Do’).

I can’t post this blog without a massive thank-you to some specific individuals in the team who have contributed to the design and build of the website and of course the film, which wouldn’t have happened without hours of storyboarding, weekend filming (fuelled by many bacon rolls) during the cold, dark early hours of the morning, huge flexibility and professionalism from the cast and crew and the passion and commitment that characterises everyone we work with.  Drumroll please…..

Rodney Mylius – consultant Creative Director

Cai and Kyn Taylor (Cai and Kyn) – graphic design

Martin Hill and Andy Pearson (Binamic) – Web construction

The Film:

Jonathan Bentley – Director (plus Post Production and visual effects)

Rachel Porter – Producer

Ian Williams – DOP

Shaun Atherton – DIT/Focus puller

Gemma Bradley – Production Assistant

Rachel Chambers – Art Director

Ian Rice – Gaffer

Simon Atherton – Spark

Chris Hughes – Grip

Stamos Triantafyllos – Jimmy Jib Operator

Phil Shepard – Music

Actors: Karl Douglas (President), Atina Kapila (Sceptical Woman), our own Chris Spencer (Secret Service Agent), Sammie Bentley (’80’s daughter), David Bentley (’80’s Dad), Ken Bentley, Jonathan Bentley and Marck Jagucki (NASA technicians), Rachel Porter, Ken Bentley, Gemma Bradley, Rachel Chambers, Hanna Jagucki, Sue Brandom, Ian Porter and Rosemary Porter (principal extras).

Nailia Tasseel