Insight article

Sell the benefits

Steering through the economic crisis without being the victim of major headcount reduction, budget cuts and major restructures is going to depend on smart thinking, innovation and agility for every single organisation, and every single function with that organisation.  And when push comes to shove, it’s going to be all about how you sell yourself, both to your customers and your employers.

You can have the most well-designed processes, the most committed, talented people and the greatest product and reputation in the world.  But unless you can spell out your business case, the return on investment and how it’s going to add value you will be at risk.  No business or business function is recession-proof (well, with the exception of loan-sharks, pawn-brokers, undertakers and the tax office perhaps), but smart businesses would do well to think carefully about how they position themselves in the market, and what it is that their customer – either internal or external – is looking for at a time of uncertainty and financial hardship.

Sell the benefit – not the product, tactic or process.  Be strategic.  Think through scenarios now during the calm before the storm and plan ahead for any eventuality. Be quietly confident.  Be honest.  Be prepared.  If you’re smart you may just survive – and then your value will be held in greater esteem than ever before.

Nailia Tasseel