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Show and tell at Number 5

Summer is here and companies across the land are throwing their doors open for their annual summer parties. With invitations pouring in how do you make your party unique? How do you make the most of the opportunity to bring your brand promise alive so guests can truly experience your brand and corporate values? Aside from the proverbial niceties (food, music and wine), we wanted to show our guests a good time and create a fun and memorable experience. This got us thinking…

If you’re a Storyteller then you do what comes naturally. You draw on your personality, passions and strengths to create a special evening where guests can enjoy the best of who you are, what you do, and of course each other. So we told a story, sharing why The Storytellers and Number 5, our historic new home, truly belong together. And we did this through show not just tell, using words, photography, art props and film to bring the story of the building alive, as well as our connection to our grand ole home. This is how we created a fun, unique, and special experience that would resonate with, and delight our friends.

From the moment our guests stepped through the door, they were taken on a visual journey. Up they streamed along candle-lit stairs to the breath-taking artist’s studio, the elegant, light-filled Lavery Room. And there, displayed before them on seven white plinths were intriguing objects. Unbeknown to our guests, these objects were soon to be revealed as seven iconic moments in the life of the building – great tales of artists, poets, politicians and Kings.

As guests moved from plinth to plinth, conversation and champagne readily flowed. “Ummm! A basket of flowers. I wonder why?” mused Jo. “Any idea about this Irish bank note?” asked Mike slowly circling the stand. “Not sure. But, that’s got to be Churchill,” laughed Sue, turning in the direction of a glass ashtray and a fat cigar. And so the conversations between clients, associates and Storytellers continued, curiosity mounting, as guests milled from ‘pillar to post’ in the Lavery Room. And as the evening progressed, this display became more than just a nice ice-breaker. It showed the link between us, Number 5’s new residents, and those who had come before us to make history happen right here in this room. Over the last eight years, The Storytellers have steadily grown, building a reputation as business storytelling experts who make change happen wherever they go. And on this summer’s night in June, we gathered with friends to celebrate making more stories together, and to signal a bright new future in our delightful home.

Thank you to those who joined us at an evening at Number 5, following in the footsteps of Sir John and Lady Hazel Lavery, Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, King George V, George Bernard-Shaw and Marlene Dietrich.

If you’d like to know more about The Storytellers and how we make change happen, please drop by and we’ll gladly show you who we are and what we have to offer.

Nailia Tasseel