Insight article

The Naked Office

Good Lord, is this really true?  Has employee engagement come to this?  It’s enough to make anyone choke on their cornflakes as they open up their long-awaited copy of this month’s HR Magazine.  There’s one thing to have a ‘dress down’ Friday, but this really takes the biscuit…

I’m referring to the stunt pulled by ad agency Onebestway in a so-called attempt to increase employee engagement, motivation and team bonding, by asking their staff to participate in a ‘Naked Friday’.  Yes, Naked Friday.  When staff come into work with no clothes on.  At all.

I’m now imagining our own team doing the same.  No no no – let’s not go there.  You wouldn’t catch me in a million years agreeing to this.  And I think I can say the same for our the team – well with the exception perhaps of one or two.

This has to be just for publicity – I can’t think of a quicker way to break down trust, respect, engagement (hilarity maybe, engagement no) and productivity.  We’d be too busy hiding behind our desks, unwilling to make the short walk to the printer, unwilling to make any sort of hot drink, certainly unwilling to open the door to some poor courier, unwilling to have any kind of face-to-face (or cheek-to-cheek) meeting.

But well done for the cheek of it, Onebestway, even if it was just for the photo opportunity.  I bet everyone couldn’t wait for the camera to click and then they could get their clothes back on.

Now team, back to work.  Fully dressed please.

Nailia Tasseel