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The Storytellers and Monocle (and what makes us different)

The Storytellers went on air today to talk to the world of creativity, business and brands about the power of Storytelling. Thank you Monocle 24 for hosting the session, during which our very own Tom Grass (Creative Director) and Scott Garrett (CEO) explained why we do what we do: galvanise an entire organisation to unite behind a single vision and move the business forward with momentum and consistency, completely aligned to its strategy.

While Tom and Scott were talking so eloquently, we were pondering back at base, as we so often do, on what makes us so different from any other consultancy, and what it is about our approach that creates such magic. Here goes…

First of all, we’re an eclectic group of people at The Storytellers.

We offer top-drawer management consultancy and board coaching and facilitation – yet we’re not just management consultants. We create stunning creative design and pioneering digital platforms – yet we’re not simply a design consultancy. We deliver both training and events with our eyes shut – yet we’re neither a training nor events company. We have a deep understanding of change management and communications – yet we’re neither purely just a change management nor communications consultancy.

We’re a combination of all of these.

And it’s our unique blend of skills and experience that’s enabled us to produce an outcome that is priceless. An ability to truly move people. To create a deeply emotional response to the most rational of strategic agendas, often amongst the most rational and analytical of audiences. We help change people’s attitudes and mindsets about the journey the business is on, and about the leaders who are setting its direction. In doing so we create the fertile ground needed for people to embrace change, step out of their comfort zone and implement strategy with a positive, unifying sense of belief and common purpose. Our ability to create pure catharsis – whether in the boardroom, conference hall or team meeting – makes our proposition more valuable than words or metrics can describe.

And we have a tangible product to make it happen. A tried and tested, highly creative process that’s bespoke for every client, integrates with your existing capability and plans and will help embed your strategy and vision and keep it alive deep in the heart of the business. A process that helps every individual clearly understands how they can contribute personally. A process that’s won us awards and the loyalty of dozens of clients who’ve seen improved performance in their business and come back for more, year after year.

Nailia Tasseel