Webinar: ‘Activate your ESG strategy with storytelling’

Watch the recording of our webinar ‘Activate your ESG strategy with storytelling’ where we unlocked the secrets of how storytelling can help leaders to accelerate their ESG strategy and drive bigger and bolder outcomes to maintain the long-term health of their business and our planet.

Joining Robert Tennant – Head of UK & International Development, and Flora Brown – Senior Consultant at The Storytellers are John Kjorstad – Chief Operating Officer at KPMG IMPACT and Marc Kaiser – Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations at Baloise Group, where they covered:

  • How to get buy-in: The ‘sit-up and take notice’ reasons why ESG should be top of the boardroom agenda
  • Shifting mindsets and behaviour: How storytelling can become a mechanism to leverage people around the challenge ahead
  • Sustaining momentum: How businesses can create a movement of change to ensure their ESG strategy continues to deliver over many years.

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