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Webinar: ‘Creating an environmental legacy’ with Douglas Millican – CEO of Scottish Water

When an entire nation depends on your services every day, as a leader, how do you ensure that your organisation remains resilient to any new challenge that may impact on delivery?

Scottish Water is trusted to keep Scotland supplied with clean water and take care of the country’s natural environment every minute of every day. With a proud heritage based on innovation, to ensure the organisation remains on the front foot to achieve its delivery targets and environmental ambitions, they’ve unveiled a future vision that gives its committed team of 4,000 employees more ownership over their roles.

In our ‘Stories from the C-suite’ series, we talk to leaders who we believe are expert storytellers about their approach to turning vision into reality to future-proof their business for the long term. In this episode, Douglas Millican CEO of Scottish Water for nearly 10 years joined us to explore:

  •  How the role of CEO has evolved in the last decade
  •  The ways leaders can build a legacy for our planet as well as their business
  •  The role of storytelling in aligning and galvanising employees behind achieving Scottish Water’s future vision

In the years ahead, leaders will need to continue adjusting to recent seismic societal and economic shifts by staying nimble, flexible and creatively future-proofing their organisations. This proved to be a pertinent conversation packed with key takeaways.

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Marie-Shireen Hadid

Senior Consultant