Insight article

What makes a good brand a great brand?

Its products? Its market share? Its all singing, all dancing logo? Well, they do have something to do with it but it’s the people that decide whether a company succeeds or fails. So, should we be looking closer to home for better results?

I’ve seen it before: an iconic, household brand steeped in history with an equally impressive marketing budget to boot. And, like the all too familiar duck analogy, its calm and beautiful above water and frantic below – often taking one step forward and two back.

It’s all in the DNA

A successful brand needs structure, it needs DNA. And everyone behind the brand needs to know what they are setting out achieve. If an employee can view the overall business story from their perspective they will be far more productive than those who don’t. And, an organisations employees should be its biggest advocates, aligning the brand promise with everything they do.

So ensuring all of this will happen is easy, right?

Making sure your employees are correctly aligned to one single business story sounds relatively straight forward, but more often than not this is where an organisation will fall down. The all too common ‘big screen’ presentations are often powerless and somewhat pointless, with employees walking away feeling like they’ve been through a sheep dip.

Admittedly, we use big screens (and most of the time we use three of them at once!) but it’s how our clients present their stories which inspires, motivates and captivates their employees.

Through the use of stories our clients can bring their business journey to life. And we work with them to engage all levels of the company, with the business story being endorsed by top levels, embraced by middle management an engaged by all. Everyone plays a critical role.

And with all this comes consistency and clarity coupled with commitment and change, all of which are levers of success.

Behind every great brand is a great story…

Nailia Tasseel