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What stories can do for you?

While we talk about the importance of connectivity and alignment, let’s not lose sight of the use and power of stories in our work. Our proposition is to create the energy and commitment required to execute strategic change, by connecting people to the strategic journey, and storytelling is an important part of our solution. Stories form an important vehicle for bringing strategic messages to life, helping bring meaning and clarity, and are a powerful tool for sharing knowledge, inspiring pride and celebrating success. While you can bring clarity to strategy and vision by simplifying it (and we go even further to structure it as a narrative), it will still remain a rational message. What balances this rational connection with an emotional connection are the human stories that illustrate these messages. We have identified six different types of illustrative story, and there is most certainly an art to pulling the rational and emotional strings in turn by alternating different types of stories with rational proof points and killer facts to bring credibility, engagement and buy-in.

Denise Concoran touches on the use of storytelling in business in the American Chronicle.

Nailia Tasseel