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What’s my story?

Having been a member of the Storytellers team for a month now, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the art of the story. I've been thinking about this not only for clients (though this is something that has become a big part of my working day), but also in terms of what it means for me personally.

I stumbled across an interesting blog by a designer, David Airey, who talks about the need to set yourself apart from the crowd. What you achieve and experience creates your own individual story, sets you apart from others. The choices you make and the paths you travel ultimately define you. You won't get this vicariously through others, this one's on you and you alone.

The Storytellers work to build and discover that unique story. To understand and develop the strengths of an individual or business, in order to differentiate them from the crowd, and make them more successful. If you can identify and tell people your story, develop that idea of who or what you are, it will engage them and create an enticement to want to hear more and ultimately be more involved. I'm still learning here at The Storytellers and while I am hungry to learn more, the strong belief in a story and how it can define and develop people and organisations has moved to the forefront of my thoughts.

In the past, as a creative designer, I have worked on branding projects and developed a look and feel for many organisations. I very much helped them create their story, but until I became immersed in the world of the Storytellers I hadn't thought of it in this way. I created it subconsciously. The story has now become a very conscious part of my decision-making process and, in turn, this has enhanced my creative process.

In my interview, I was asked to tell my story. I talked about my secondary school education, as an Essex girl from a convent school. I continued to talk about how lucky I am to have travelled widely and I talked enthusiastically on this subject! I was then asked, “how do you think your travelling has helped your creativity”. Initially, I was a little worried about how to answer correctly but simply told them, “It makes me who I am”.

I don't know if it was the right or wrong answer, but I got the job!

Nailia Tasseel