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Personnel Today article

Nice article in Personnel Today about Storytelling as a tool to create emotional buy-in for training and development departments.  Well, we’re not exactly a ‘training company’, but they’re right in...


Life at work – is this a contradiction in terms?

Communications consultancy CHA has recently published a report which highlights some fairly worrying news about the disengagement of employees and why they don’t seem to find their work worthwhile or...


Quote of the day

“We don’t do average. Average is middle of the road, and middle of the road is where you get run over.” Another great one from the eminent clothing brand Howies.


What makes a good brand a great brand?

Its products? Its market share? Its all singing, all dancing logo? Well, they do have something to do with it but it’s the people that decide whether a company succeeds...


A story in six words

Ernest Hemingway once claimed that his best story was written in six words: ‘For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.’ Perhaps this takes clarity and simplicity to the extreme, but what...


It’s a blogger’s world

My attention was recently drawn to a particular blog from the MD of Waitrose. Apart from being most entertaining, it was a great example of leadership role-modelling, not to mention...


The secret of a good leader

What makes a good leader?  And more importantly, why?  Here are seven ‘top tips’ for leaders who want to inspire their people, courtesy of The Practice of Leadership… 1. Demonstrate...


What stories can do for you?

While we talk about the importance of connectivity and alignment, let’s not lose sight of the use and power of stories in our work. Our proposition is to create the...


The permafrost of middle managers

I enjoyed Melcrum’s Strategic Communications Summit last week. Great to see some old friends, new faces and hear some excellent speakers. One of the key themes that kept cropping up...

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