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Building loyalty from scratch

I read with interest a recent blog by one of our Canadian partners, Nicky Fried (Strategic Connections), on the loyalty and respect given by immigrant workers. It reminded me of...


Who’s Bumper Harris?

Whilst traveling to a meeting on the underground recently I came across a wonderful example of storytelling… For some weeks now, a set of escalators at Waterloo underground station have...


Get the attitude right – the rest will follow

I read a great story on my way to work this morning – which given the aura of glumness hovering over my fellow commuters – seemed timely as well as...


Dubai’s Story

I’ve just come back from a fantastic holiday in Dubai. The weather was incredible – 45 degrees each day (too hot for some!) whilst the sea resembled a bath with...


What is employee engagement?

There are so many definitions of this phrase Employee Engagement. It’s become a mini industry in itself, with a range of companies operating in this field. Web and intranet designers,...


Leaders as role models

I recall a great story when a little boy, sick from eating so much sugar beet, was taken by his mother in desperation to Mahatma Gandhi for guidance. She walked...


Tangibility and Big Brother

Articles like this one from Australia’s The Age are valuable endorsements for our approach. We agree wholeheartedly that storytelling is a critical and valuable component of change. However, they give...


Moving an audience

The leadership meetings we design for our clients usually involve several storytelling sessions, which is an excellent way of helping leaders personalise key corporate messages and priorities, make sense and...


Addicted? Get a life!

Ever heard of work-life balance? The New York Times refers to our addiction to Blackberry’s – or ‘Crackberry’s’: ‘One user admitted it was harder to quit than smoking, while another...

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