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From the man at Apple

We were highly inspired by this commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, at Stanford University. It has nothing to do with being Apple...


Xerox CEO promotes storytelling in business

The Xerox Chairman and CEO, Anne M Mulcahy, was interviewed in the March issue of Fast Company magazine under the heading What I Know Now. Among other things she talks...


Love this creative use of a story

I saw this on the back of The Week magazine… how clever to use a story as advertising this way:- The Peculiar Incident of the Fishmonger Performing on Hilary’s Kitchen...


Exit not Escape

The difference between exit and escape…


Hear it, to believe in it

The inspiring world of technology


Innovation at the pointy end of business

Allan Leighton, former CEO of Asda and former non-executive Chairman at Royal Mail, tells a great story about his time as a graduate trainee at Mars.


The Storytellers and Monocle (and what makes us different)

The Storytellers went on air today to talk to the world of creativity, business and brands about the power of Storytelling. Thank you Monocle 24 for hosting the session, during...


Harry Potter: a superbrand based on storytelling

While we eagerly anticipate the launch of the next Harry Potter book, John Simmons for The Observer looks at how businesses and brands have been ‘crying out for clarity and...

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