Case Study

SAP Sales Activation

Story-enabled sales evolution at SAP: From selling products to outcomes

The challenge

SAP, a top enterprise software provider, achieved substantial growth through innovation but realised the necessity of adapting to rapid market changes. They initiated a board-approved, customer-centric transformation, focusing sales on outcomes and lasting relationships rather than just product features.

How we assisted

We collaborated with SAP’s global Executive team to create a framework that aligned their salesforce with a new strategy, and empowered global account directors with storytelling prowess. This involved incorporating brand values into the narrative, supported by a captivating visual identity. We also established a concise storytelling learning structure using our six-chapter framework, educating and mentoring SAP’s salesforce across regions to nurture a new generation of skilled storytellers.

The result

  • Engaged 18,000 SAP sales and marketing members worldwide in their new go-to-market strategy
  • Trained 3,000 directors to become master storytellers with localised coaching tools
  • 18% NPS increase in six months, followed by a further 11%
  • 18% lower sales team attrition
  • 5.4% YoY sales boost, compared to a previous 1.2% drop