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Transformation pain point number 25. Ralph suspected that getting everyone on the same page would be difficult. Picture of a dog herding cats.

Getting everyone on the same page

Transformation pain point no. 25 

I’ve been involved with enough complex transformation projects to know that leading these in large organisations comes with a unique set of challenges. One of the most common hurdles that we as transformation leaders often encounter is the daunting task of getting everyone on the same page.  Especially across large diverse teams, widely distributed in various locations and departments, with an executive team with different priorities, and an employee base that is already change fatigued. Presenting a united leadership that champions the vision and strategy for the project is a critical initial step for success, but easier said than done. 

What can make it so painful? 

  • Interpretation causing lack of clarity: Different departments might interpret the transformation goals differently, leading to misalignment and confusion. 
  • Communication gaps: Ineffective communication channels can result in key stakeholders being unaware of the bigger picture, leading to resistance and disengagement. 
  • Personal priorities: Team members might prioritise their departmental objectives over the broader transformational goals, hindering overall progress. 

Storytelling as the solution 

Storytelling is a powerful tool to bridge the gap and align diverse perspectives towards a common goal. Through the process of co-creating a compelling narrative with key stakeholders and leaders, rapid alignment and buy-in are established.   

With a compelling story highlighting the significance of the transformation, a united leadership can effectively communicate the ‘why’ behind the changes and instil a shared sense of purpose among all teams.  

Identifying ‘quick wins’ and sharing early success stories builds belief and momentum for others to adopt the change behaviours needed – and critically help activate teams to meet core project KPIs at each stage of the project. 

Through consistent and engaging storytelling to share the vision, and recognise individuals and teams’ contributions to the project delivery and successes, you can establish a coherent narrative that resonates with employees at all levels, fostering a sense of unity and commitment towards the transformation journey. That’s one of many transformation pain points tackled! 

Stanley Louw

Principal Consultant