Our expertise

Strategic narrative

Stories give us more than the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of change. They give us a reason to care and a reason to act.

Why do you need a strategic narrative?

The stories we tell shape our most deeply engrained patterns of thought and behaviour. They help us bring context, meaning and purpose to our sense of self and to the messages we encounter on a daily basis.

To shift entrenched mindsets and change behaviours, leaders need to tell a new story: a clear, simple and compelling narrative that glues together the moving parts of change and takes people on the journey. But during times of change, it can be hard to bring coherence and meaning to multiple messages and initiatives – creating resistance and confusion, and slowing action.

We help leaders tell powerful stories that engage head and heart: uniting leaders, connecting people to purpose, building belief in a shared journey and speaking to the personal aspirations of every employee.

What benefits will you gain?

One story, one team, one voice

Your strategic narrative will:

Change with a compelling CEO-led story at its heart is 5.8 times more likely to succeed, and 6.3 times likelier when leaders unite behind a shared story of change.

McKinsey, 2017

How will we help you to achieve this?

We help leaders create a strategic narrative: the central story or ‘red thread’ that will resonate deeply with people at every level of the organisation and support a culture of belief, motivation and change-readiness.

Our skilled Storywriters will work swiftly with your Executive team to draw out the key themes of the narrative, aligning them behind the draft that emerges from these conversations. This ensures that everyone has a voice, and the output is a collective perspective that they all can all own and role model.

Where wider representation and involvement is needed, we can also take a more bottom-up approach, soliciting input from a wider group of leaders, focus groups, and large and small team meetings.

We’ll bring the story to life with a powerful campaign identity that captures the emotional core of the narrative. This campaign identity will strengthen the emotional connection, supplying a bank of creative assets that can be used to link future messages back to the narrative at every opportunity, and providing a backbone that aligns other activity.

The narrative will become a platform for leaders to hold dynamic, action-oriented conversations with their teams. It allows leaders to personalise the story in a way that’s relevant and meaningful to them and their people, and provides a focal point for ongoing exploration around how they can make a difference. It can inspire stories of success and achievement that will help keep the narrative alive and build the momentum needed for lasting change.

In due course, we can also work with you to refresh the narrative: learning from progress made, celebrating the ‘heroes’ of the journey, realigning to the challenges of the new world, identifying new milestones, and seamlessly engaging people in the next ‘episode’ of the story.