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Webinar: Making your EVP a reality, not just a promise

For businesses experiencing or readying themselves for future attrition and recruitment challenges, having a distinctive and authentic EVP has never been more critical.

During this webinar, we explored how leaders can harness the power of storytelling to create and elevate a standout EVP that helps organisations to improve employee experience and attract the talent they need.

 We covered:

  • Why a standout EVP is now more important than ever.
  • How storytelling can strengthen and build belief in a company’s EVP – from candidates to employees and leaders.
  • How to align a leadership team behind the strategic, operational and behavioural priorities that underpin the EVP.

Panellists were:

  • Marcus Iles, Chief Storytelling Officer at The Storytellers
  • Alison Esse, Co-founder and Director at The Storytellers
  • Hannah Moyo, Head of Consulting UK at The Storytellers

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