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Unlocking business transformation in Asia

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2020 was a year of rapid and continuous change, and that has continued in 2021. Such explosive change for organisations is truly unprecedented, and having an existing robust company culture has been necessary for businesses not just to stay rooted, but to grow in this challenging environment. 

As the pace of change shows no signs of slowing in Asia, recent events including the COVID19 pandemic have shaken up developments in an unparalleled way.  In such a diverse region, with many distinct markets, languages and cultures, leaders need a special set of skills to adapt to these seismic changes, transform their strategies and embrace transformation. 

Being open-minded to change and successfully leading through it will improve company agility, resilience and future performance. The dangers of resisting or being unprepared for change have been made clear throughout the pandemic: a loss of revenue, customers and employees.

The Storytellers have successfully partnered with strategic change consultancy Will Exell to help drive business transformation programs with major global organisations. Focused on supporting businesses to navigate change in the Asia region, we draw upon our considerable combined international expertise, and a deep immersion in regional business and wider economic and cultural trends through the Will Exell Hong Kong based operation.

In this free guide we share insights from leaders in the region, including Paul Baker COO at Genting Resorts and Sam Lau, Chief Executive of Total Loyalty Company and outline the skill set needed to unlock business transformation.

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Robert Tennant

Associate Director Client Strategy

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