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Webinar: how to reset an organisation’s narrative to inspire change

Changing attitudes and belief systems, and winning hearts as well as minds, is one of the hardest aspects of organisational change to overcome.

As human beings we are governed by our emotions, often entrenched in existing behaviours and mindsets which can make us highly resistant to change. 

Yet a simple, inspiring story can have a dramatic effect on the way people think, feel, act and behave. Harnessed to a strategic context, leaders who use storytelling can help dramatically accelerate the pace of organisational change in a very powerful way. 

  • How storytelling can bring meaning and purpose to work
  • Why people resist change, and what to do about it
  • How leaders can ‘reset the narrative’ in their organisation to inspire change
  • How to construct an emotionally compelling strategic narrative

Watch our webinar to find out what it is about a story that is so compelling, and how leaders can use story to change mindsets and create emotional connection. 

Alison Esse

Co-founder and Director

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