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Ebook: Hosting a powerful and memorable virtual event

The nature of history is that major crises, like wars and rebellions, have sparked movements of change and seminal innovations. For example, at the end of WW2, the EU was set up with the aim of ending frequent and violent wars. Women finally gained the vote. The assembly of the world’s first electronic general-purpose digital computer was completed. As we begin to learn to live with the pandemic, it’s time for us to reflect on the innovations happening around us – particularly our societal shift in embracing the virtual world and unlocking its possibilities. 

Virtual events have never been so necessary. In this time of social distancing, working remotely and heightened uncertainty, organisational connectivity is essential. Humans are social animals. Interacting as a group or a ‘tribe’ is a fundamental need we have for our sense of wellbeing, and to enable us to make sense of the world and what is going on around us. So events that bring people together – even if online – provide an opportunity to build a sense of community – a space for leaders to open themselves up to those around them and hear their colleagues’ voices. 

At The Storytellers, we have put on virtual gatherings and experiences for our clients for many years now. We have long blended physical and virtual environments in corporate events, and inspired and engaged people on an emotional level through storytelling and narrative. 

Across our work with over 180 major organisations, we have discovered what makes a powerful and memorable virtual event. In this piece, we have identified what underpins our story-driven events, and have gathered together our top tips for putting on inspiring and engaging virtual and hybrid experiences. 

There are three key traits which make up any inspiring and memorable story-driven event. Discover them by downloading our white paper in full by completing the form on this page, and reach out to us if you need guidance and support in connecting your organisation through a virtual event. 

Imogen Wallersteiner

Content Associate

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